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The G.E.D. School & B.E.T.S. (Be Excellent Tutoring Services)

The GED School was founded with the goal of helping individuals achieve academic and career success
through affordable GED classes and test preparation services. The GED School teaches and prepares
individuals ages 16 and up to obtain their GED. Our instructors teach on a concentrated level using the
student’s learning style based on the student’s evaluation. We use Texas Education Agency (TEA)
certified materials and software. Classes are offered virtually or onsite. Cost: $65.00 per month

Be Excellent Tutoring Services (B.E.T.S.) provides the skills and support to accomplish our goal of
Achieving Excellence in every student. We offer tutoring to grade levels from Pre-K to 12 th grade in all
subjects. B.E.T.S. primary purpose is to encourage students to like school and to lower the dropout rate
while increasing their confidence in learning. Our staff works with our students achieve the necessary
proficiency level of where they are and beyond. Tutorials are offered after school, Saturdays, holiday
vacations, and summer break. Classes are offered virtually or onsite. Cost: $50.00 per month.

School of Business Technology

The School of Business Technology offers vocational programs in Information Technology, Health
Information Technology, Paralegal Studies, and Business Administration which will culminate in a
Certification of Completion. All students who wish to enroll must have a High School Diploma or GED
and are a minimum age of 16 years old. The programs run from 6 months to a year depending on the
program of enrollment. Our vocational programs are recognized by the Texas Workforce Commission.
Classes are conducted onsite with virtual learning options.

Youth, Entrepreneur & Leadership

The Youth, Entrepreneur & Leadership program is dedicated to teaching youth, ages 10 – 18, the
necessary skills of leadership, accountability, responsibility, strategic thinking, and values. The program
will teach our participants all aspects of operating a business to include the steps of opening, running,
marketing, managing employees, and sustaining a business. Additionally, our youth will learn public
speaking, project presentation, and customer service skills. Program length and completion is based on
the age of participants which will be 6 months or 1 year and is conducted onsite. All participants will
receive a Certificate of Completion.

Joy Church for Children

Joy Church for Children is a Christian program that emphasizes and teaches Christian values through
mentorship, evangelism, and leadership. Our program offers Bible Teaching, How to Conduct a Service,

Church Mannerisms, and Singing. Joy Church for Children is a hands-on program for youth ages 7 to 18
years old.

Social Services

Everyone needs love and compassion, especially those who are in need of help. The Social Services
entity of C.E.L.L.S. uses empathy, skills, and a passion to inspire change in your community by caring for
families and individuals in crisis. We provide virtual and onsite group classes in Anger Management,
Parenting, Handling Trauma/PTSD, and Inner Healing: Passion for Purpose.

Citizenship for All

Citizenship for All offers citizenship preparation classes to help individuals attain their United States
citizenship. Our classes teach the necessary curriculum for learning and test preparedness. We offer ESL
(English as a Second Language) classes that teach a variety of language skills to English language
learners. Our partnership with Immigration Affairs allows us to administer the citizenship test onsite
with an immigration liaison proctoring the exam. Classes are held onsite, and the cost is $65.00 per


Let's Work Together

We connect people, families, and communities to improve lives and to meet the workforce needs of
today and tomorrow by equipping them with valuable tools through education.
“Community, Education, Motivation, and Innovation”

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